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OVERVIEW IN ENGLISH CAN WE HELP YOU? ChangeMarketing®’s clients are far-sighted and change oriented top managements that strive to make marketing a competitive device and a revenue generating discipline. Either the companies are already among the most successful businesses in their industry; or their goal is, within three to five years, to become among the most successful. The companies are technically oriented. They are driven by an engineering and/or trade oriented focus. Their top managements wish to improve this position and thus take the company to a new level. A strategic, tactic and operational approach to marketing will give the companies lasting as well as changing competitive advantages. ChangeMarketing®’s clients are medium-sized and larger business-to-business companies with the following profile: The top management has a genuine desire to: Get the truth   Commit itself to sales, marketing and innovation Lean and optimize the co-operation between sales and marketing   Conquer new markets by focusing on the sales and marketing strategy   Establish the strongest function to operate systematically, creatively and efficiently in the market   Reach a position that allows the company to define its own standards on how to act in the market   Grow by maintaining and developing relationships with existing clients coincident with increasing new sales   Obtain a quantifiable yield of the marketing strategy.   ChangeMarketing®’s marketing understanding and insight enable an objective, varied and open-minded view of new solutions. ChangeMarketing® serves the client – and the client only – and is independent of suppliers, special interests and specific marketing and professional disciplines. This is a guarantee that the client will be assigned the best solution as regards strategy and sales results. ChangeMarketing® is a service oriented and committed collaborator that makes demands on – and challenges – its clients. Our position is clear; at the same time, we make a point of being pragmatic and realistic. The world is not black/white. ChangeMarketing® always makes an effort to strictly observe contracts, both when it comes to general lines and details. We expect the same from our clients. ChangeMarketing® also puts emphasis on personal chemistry and on being well entertained during the work process. Apart from the commercial yield, we wish everyone involved in our collaboration to have a positive and energy increasing experience. WHAT DO WE HAVE TO OFFER? ChangeMarketing®’s sales oriented solutions are ambitious, practically oriented and realistic. The solutions lie within the following 10 fields: Consulting makes the company’s marketing function sales and attack oriented and helps uncover new sales opportunities   Sparring prevents the danger of getting “home blind” and challenges existing methods and attitudes. The result is development, new thinking and increased sales   Creation develops simple concepts, methods, programmes, systems and tools that lead to, among other things, increased loyalty and sales as well as more inquiries   Innovation results in a lasting, strong and development oriented culture that, in turn, results in innovation where products, services and commerce are concerned.   Position defines what makes the company unique. This constitutes a strong platform where focus is on clients and development, rather than on competitors (Blue Ocean®)   Internal ensures simple, reliable and efficient internal communication between management and staff. The result is committed employees who know what is expected. This gives all employees the opportunity to contribute individually and valuably to the greater whole.   Pull secures the company’s ability to attract and maintain qualified employees and thus strengthen its competitive power – now and in the future.   Acquisition assists in finding and qualifying companies that might supplement the organic growth   Special Projects deals with issues that are difficult to place with the company’s usual consultants or employees. These issues typically require special demands as regards personal skills such as intuition, empathy and courage. ChangeMarketing’s business areas supplement each other. This ensures constant realism and innovation within the developed solutions. WHAT TYPE OF EXPERIENCE WILL YOU GET ACCESS TO? Henrik Wiese (b. 1964) is the founder of ChangeMarketing®. Henrik Wiese has 20 years’ experience with revenue generating sales and marketing for Danish and international companies. He is an experienced controversialist in the business press and a sought-after lecturer. ChangeMarketing’s concepts, services and knowledge are based on the most quantitative and acknowledged analysis of the marketing area: over a period of 30 months, 400 top executives at mid-sized and larger business-to-business companies have been interviewed. The aim of the analysis has been to define top executives’ wishes as regards the business oriented marketing function. Your consultants are, however, of greatest importance. ChangeMarketing assigns one contact – one Partner – who will be responsible for defining, fulfilling and measuring your needs. The Partner benefits from ChangeMarketing’s network-based organization. This consists of the most professional and experienced competences in the market. The typical profile is characterized by: Business orientation, maturity and realism   At least 10 years’ Danish and/or international professional experience   Experience with serving demanding clients in the Top 100 segment   Among the best in his/her field   An active participant in the development of his/her niche/industry   Action oriented, professional and constantly developing   An extensive network   Excellent communication and empathic skills   Courage to challenge existing thinking in grooves. 10 DEFINING PRINCIPLES FOR OUR WORK ChangeMarketing® does not believe in rapid, temporary trends, fashion waves and zigzag strategies. Lasting and valuable effects are the results of systematic, intelligent and hard work. Accordingly, we want to make it fun to go to work. We must strive to make the difference that can compare with our performance. We therefore follow these 10 commandments: 1. Challenge status quo and develop solutions in the borderland between irresponsibility and courage – where innovation begins       2. Understand all aspects of our client’s business and only get involved when we are convinced that we can make a valuable difference       3. Be curious about everything that may help us, and thus our client, develop       4. Be open-minded and innovative in how we think, act and express ourselves       5. Surround ourselves with the strongest forces – possibly even more competent than ourselves       6. Make demands, be reliable, far-sighted, flexible, professional and honest       7. Ensure the right and obligation to reflect, philosophize and get absorbed       8. Use our brain and heart to be rational and intuitive respectively       9. Be sincere; say what we mean and mean what we say       10. Do our best and expect others to do the same.